To the soulful man

You are a person that never wither

A person that shines more in the darkness

In my tired days, you are there

In my cold days, you are there

“I’m sleepy, let’s sleep”

The moment when the lamp is off,

Your sleepy eyes look even more soulful.

No matter how much I try to push you away

Its not as easy as I think, you know it hurts me too right?

Hey beautiful soul,

Even if the end is decided for us to go our own way..

I won’t regret any..

All the times we were together were like a miracle..

Its so precious, please remember..

Although I know those days all wither one day..

The memories live inside of me..

I love you

You are my one and only

I’ll remember them all, all the days we were together

In the end, it will always be you.

I can not let you go.

So I will foolishly hope:

I can keep looking at your brownish soulful eyes.

I can keep running to your hugs,

I can keep you as my lovers.

Dear, my soulful eyes man..

You will never know how much you mean to me..



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