To The Boy I’ve Always Loved

Clarina Tiara Agneta
2 min readMay 22


I don’t know that letting you go can feel this hurtful.

I see a stranger in your eyes, where once I saw a soulmate.

It breaks my heart.

I see how I took your happiness, your freedom from yourself.

I see how I’ve been so bothering your daily life.

It breaks my heart.

Whenever I see my reflection in the mirror, I tell myself:

“I’m sorry if this makes you cry. You break your own heart by telling yourself to give it another shot, when you already know it’s time to let go.”

Baby, love shouldn’t be exhausting. It shouldn’t leave you feeling stressed out, less than, and unappreciated.

Love supposed to be free, natural, and almost a complete release from the routines of life, not a coercion and obligation every single day.

Real love won’t leave you drained, it won’t leave you depressed and lost.

For me, love is a healer, love is a friend, and love is a protector.

I have got it all in you, but maybe you did not.

Cause I’m too reckless and stupid. That I have never been worth it to be in this relationship with you. I know.

You know that loving is not easy, it’s a challenge.

But, believe me when it’s good, you’ll find treasure.

Baby, real love won’t break you, it will build you.

Love will bring out the best in you.

I’m sorry babe, I love you. So much.

but, maybe you don’t love me enough to choose to stay.

And so I believe, love sets us free.

Meato, baby. I hope love sets you free from now on. *fingercrossed



Clarina Tiara Agneta

Life is happen that way because you are built for it!