To a friend of mine

In my life its always exciting to get to know new people. How stupid, broken, lovely, lonely, or even fragile a person can be different from one another. Then I meet you, my friend. At first you were so warm and funny, I never had a chance to stop laughing beside you. You are like my daily happy dose mate.

These days I smile a little bit wider. I do not even remember when was the last time I am this happy. In every sense of word you make me feel comfortable, happy, and precious. The more I know you, the more I feel comfortable in front of you. It seems like I can talk to myself when I am with you. You are like my reflection in the mirror.

For about 24 years I live, I can finally say, I feel free to be who I am in front of someone except my family and bestfriends. And that person is you, mate. You make me find my own place to stand and be who I am. You always remind me where I belong and you say what I am about is going to be more than I’ve been. You did it! I guess, you win my heart. Well, I don’t know yet.

This is why today I am writing this to a friend of mine.

Have you ever found somebody “click” with you? You know you like each other, you are happy when you are together, enjoying moments, you just want to spend more and more time together.

Like this friend of mine. I feel like I am opening every page of a book excitedly with you. Hey friend, thank you for popping up in my life! You know you mean a looootttt for me.

That day when we had lots of trivia time about each other value of life, I feel challenged. Even if getting to know you feels so exciting at the same time I think its dangerous for me to get to know you more.

Cause I think I might fall for you, mate.

I think I’ll need more time to conclude how I actually feel about this friend of mine.

If only I could have more time to simplify my feelings, whether I can date this dangerous guy or not. My feelings come and go, there are times I feel you really care, you love me. And there are times I lost, I lost myself when I try to conclude what I feel to you.

Cause even if I know the answer, I never really know yours.

So here I am trying to pull myself back whenever I feel happy, I feel loved by you. Cause I am afraid of the consequences.
Lets just deal with denying my own feelings from now on. Until I hear a specific word from you.

Its really nice to keep you around me, a friend of mine.

I hope we’ll find out soon what connection we have between us.

Oops, a message just popped up on my phone now.

“Let’s walk, I am in front of your boarding house!”

Gotta go guys! Lets write again after we find out what we have between us.



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