The Voice Within

Clarina Tiara Agneta
2 min readMar 12, 2024


Dear love,

I intended to express this earlier, but I could not.

I am deeply sorry, but I cannot be the good partner you deserve.

I know that I haven’t treated you as I should have.

I won’t ask you to stand by me through all the ups and downs in my life, to endure my frustrations, depressions, and all my traumas.

I cannot ask you to accept me, compromise for me, or sacrifice yourself again and again. I know that its tiring.

And I can see how tired you are towards me.

I thought I have lost everything, your interest, your heart too.

I believe and always pray that you have a very bright future ahead.

Sometimes I fear I might hinder you from that progress.

I can’t constantly force on you to do things for me.

If you find someone better than me, don’t even hesitate to choose.

Now, I have nothing to convince you.

Nothing from me is worth your settle. There is nothing from myself that you can be proud of.

I feel like I am failing along the way. I fail to make you happy.

I keep letting you down in many things. I am not enough.

I cannot always hold you with promises and dreams.

Please, prioritize yourself, its not too late.

Aim for what’s better for you, brighter, and safer for you.

Thinking of you walking your first step to brighter future with that new job make me happy.

I thought, well at least God granted my wish about his blessing this time.

This is the moment to rethink and decide.

Remember this when you are deciding:

No matter what happens to me, I always wish the best for you.

I love you deeply. Wholeheartedly.

Take a good care of yourself, love.