The Cold Doesn’t Bother Me Anymore

Clarina Tiara Agneta
3 min readJan 22


I always love to meet someone with bubbly personality!

Since I also a person who has bubbly personality, I feel energized meeting the same kind of person.

Its different when I get to meet a cold person.

It was hard at the beginning, to match and understand someone with a cold personality. Getting to know their boundaries is hard.

I just found out that a cold person actually has bubbly personality too, its just that you have to be patient enough to bring that part out of the person!

Its hard to figure out whether this person feels happy, mad, or disappointed. Since he or she always look cold to us. The answer is you need to simply ask them.

The more I learn about this person, the more I am amazed.

Such a unique way for him to communicate his feelings.

I am a girl, so yes I am an emotional creature (bruh)

But when it comes to understand my boyfie, its always a fun challenge for me to do.

He yells and never stop talking when something bother him (especially if the one who bothers him is me) #oops

He laugh so hard when he makes stupid mistakes or attitude.

Once I saw him laughed off stupid things he did, that was the first time I can define that he is happy from a glance of laugh.

He laugh louder when he sees me stupid LOL

I can’t get enough of him, the more I get to see him closer, the more I understand that he needs someone to listen to him first.

And when it comes to asking too many questions to him, then he goes like:

“Why do you always jump to the conclusion? I have explained a lot, hear me out first”, he said.

I must say…I cannot believe I got to figure this out today, that the more I let him be him, the more he shows that he loves me.

Loving a cold person, seems easier, when you know what to do to make him or her happy. And if by letting him be him (cold), I get to see better version of his ways to love me day by day.

I want you to know today, that I love you.

I love your cold side. I love your warmer side too.

I love how you show that you actually care with your cold way.

I love the way you take care of my thoughts whenever it becomes wild.

I love to sit and listen to your nagging when I make mistakes.

I love when you angry with me, you keep nagging and never stops.

That really shows how much you care about me.

I am satisfied with all I can ever have with you.

Dear you, you should know this.

That the cold does not bother me anymore.

As long as you keep your open door,

let me in and show my affection too sometimes.

You are the sweetest, you do.

And if you read this, I hope you know that I don’t just write here whenever I am at my worst. I also write whenever I am at ease and happy about something.

Today I am happy about you, I am happy about us.

Its amazing that I get to date someone like you.



Clarina Tiara Agneta

Life is happen that way because you are built for it!