The Art of Letting Go

Clarina Tiara Agneta
2 min readApr 16


I have always loved rainy days.. its beautiful to see the sky let go all the water down..

I like the idea of raining, to let go things down..

I love to get myself wet under the rain..

Its like playing with emotion..

When your heart and head is hot, getting wet under the rain cool it down..

When your eyes are burning cause you’re crying, the rain wash over your tears..

Rain has covered it all.. the feelings, the tears, the disappointment I have..

Even when you are crying, you seem fine under the rain..

Today I learn that the more you show yourself,

the more you open up your heart to someone,

You’ll get hurt easily.. just like open up your self in a rainy day..

You’ll get wet easily..

When you have no more to say to each other cause you know there is nothing interesting to talk about anymore..

When one of you start locking eyes on each others phone, never sees each other eyes whenever they are talking..

That’s the moment when your heart knows, okay well I am not that important.. This person does not love me that way..

When it happens, the person just simply does not care anymore..

When giving more effort becomes a sacrifice for a person, when the person hates sacrificing for you.. When all you said bothers him or her..

All I have in my mind is: but that’s love.. love means sacrificing for each other, right? Doing something to make the one you love happy, even when sometimes you hate it..

So yeah, I think the person doesn’t love me..

And to be honest, I don’t feel loved.. I am sorry..

When you’re together, starting a conversation and the other one said I should have just be silent.. so I ended up being silent almost every time..

It is all turn me off.. now I am a blown candle.. my fire has turned off..

When he said its bothering, when he said that’s too much..

When he cut off the conversation with a very short text or short answer..

I’ve been trying to be warm again, trying to survive all the cold with me..

But I cannot survive it anymore now.. I don’t feel loved..

I feel abandoned.. I feel like when I love him, I disrupt something..

Maybe this is it.. this is the art of letting go..

To let all things go down freely.. like the rain drops..

Let all the feelings gone cause he has made me do it slowly..

Maybe you’ll be happier when you are alone without me, the only one who always bother your day..

I am sorry for giving up, but the more I try to stay, it hurts..



Clarina Tiara Agneta

Life is happen that way because you are built for it!