The Amazing Hulk and His Girl

Clarina Tiara Agneta
2 min readFeb 10, 2024


“I’m always angry!”, shout him.

“Sun’s getting really low.. “, she said.

There is a connection between them,that we cannot understand it..

Somehow its important for them to understand each other..

Cause she knows him and she knows how to calm him down.. She has that ability

She is his girl. The Hulk’s girl.

Such a strange sight whenever I see you stand in the light

Somehow I can see that connection between us

I know that you’re wrong but you’re right

But my hearts keep beating wildly


How I’m scared but delighted

Afraid but excited too

You have a cold heart,

You are reckless and distant

But I promise I’ll be persistent

One day I will understand you


How I’m drawn to the danger

And I reach out my hand to you

Do you long to be left all alone?

Set apart with a heart made of stone

Let me help, let’s begin

Let me learn, won’t you let me in?

All the light in yourself, let it show

You are a strange sight

Some new kind of wonder

With good hidden under

I’m sure that it’s true


How your dark doesn’t faze me

No, I won’t give up on you!

If you’re caught in the shadow then turn around

Lost in the darkness, you will be found

If you hear my voice, follow the sound

’Cause I’m here to guide you home

To my hulk, this is your girl speaking

I know that maybe I am not that brave

I am not as strong as the hulk’s girl to calm you down

I don’t have the ability to match you anger power

But I’ll stay

Thats what I can promise you,

I stay when it gets hard

I stay when everyone else around you leaves

I stay when you choose to hurt me and put me on deep scars

I stay even when you want to leave me too

I stay because I know what it’s like to have people leave.

I’ll always be there for you.

So tell me, do you long to be left all alone?

Set apart with a heart made of stone

There’s a light that you shine.

There’s a love, I see it in your eyes.

So once again,

Won’t you let me in?

Let me help you

All the dark, let it go

And you should know that

You’re not alone.