Someone I Used to Know

Tonight I send you the fireflies from that night

To your window, whispering “I love you”

I remember our first kiss

Every time I close my eyes, it takes me away to the farthest places

I can hear your whisper too

That hug and whisper “You know I love you.. so much”

Just like words written in the sand where the waves are

I am afraid you’ll disappear with that words

So here I am, someone you used to know

I will always miss you

I cannot take out all these words in my heart

There are days like this when I understand

One day

I will only be someone that you used to know

One day

There won’t be any words to say to each other

How did someone like you come to me?

Tell me, how do I get over you now?

I really don’t wanna be someone that you used to know.

I deserve to be loved, not almost loved.

Almost, that sucks.

If only I could erase all your worry that day,

If only I could give you more courage,

If only you really want me by your side,

maybe I won’t end up here.

I know that you love me, I love you too.

You name it how many times we say “I love you” to each other

But what all this love for? You don’t want to be with me anyway.

So, lets erase all of these feelings.

Let us be stranger again..

I will always just be someone that you used to know.

I will always just be someone that you almost loved.

I hope one day you’ll find the right person at the right time, when you finally can understand yourself.

When you know what do you want from yourself.

And even if that person is not me, I am happy for you.

From someone you almost loved.



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Clarina Tiara Agneta

Clarina Tiara Agneta

Life is happen that way because you are built for it!