Paper Plane

When I was young, I’ve always love to make paper plane. My late grandma once told me that if I have something hard to tell to someone, just write it in a paper plane. Write it down, make it into plane, fly the plane away, and the wind will bring your words to the right person.

At that moment, I believe that story. Today how I wish that story is true.

Isn’t it going to be easier if the wind could just fly my paper plane to him sending all of my words that hard to tell.. I wish it was real

So many things hard to tell or even to ask him.. the man I loved most.

How are you doing? Do you miss me the way I miss you? Does your heart ever stop beating when you see something that reminds you of me? Do you get random flashbacks of my smile beside you when you turn off the lamp getting ready to sleep? Do you ever just look at your seat next to you and see me mumbling about something random, but then realize I wasn’t there anymore? Do you ever just feel tired of the thought we could’ve stayed together, but we chose not to?

Or is it just me who has lost myself in the way I used to love you?

I was fine before you walked into my door.. I was fine before you hold my hand and kiss it softly.. I was fine before you kiss my forehead.. I was fine before you put your arms around me.. Hold me and keep me warm ‘till morning.. I was fine before you always kissed my cheeks whenever you are leaving my place..

I was so sure I knew exactly what I want.. I was so sure I know I could believe in you, put my heart in your hands.. but you were something more than I ever imagined..

Can I ask you a favor, my only one?

Please don’t forget about me, even if you choose to walk away please walk away and bring my memories with you. All the places we’ve gone to, all the nights we spent, all the laugh and late night talk we shared.. Don’t forget the smell of my perfume or my little kiss on your neck when I love what you’re doing for me.. Don’t leave me with the memories I treasured alone..

Believe me, in another universe probably I made you a pasta tonight and laugh with you between hugs and kisses. I love you in every universe.

My dear only one, I hope one day we cross each others path once again.. In a better situation and better heart condition.

From the woman who still believe you would choose to stay.



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Clarina Tiara Agneta

Clarina Tiara Agneta

Life is happen that way because you are built for it!