My Universe

Sometimes you don’t always need to understand it, but to accept it the way it is..

I’ve always love meeting new people since I am an extroverted person. Somehow meeting new person feels like reading a new book. I meet new ideas, new thoughts, got some blocked ideas too sometimes whenever I have a total different sight on somethings.

I learn that studying a new person does not always need too much thought from my side.
Cause when I try to swallow it all and make it in line with the way I always think about, it will be tiring.
People are unique. They have their scars, their reasons, their soft spot and hard spot in different way.

However the more I learn about this one person I met, the more I got so curious and attach.
Once in my lifetime I finally find a very unique person I want to know more and more because he always bring different insight in my life.

Yes I got some blocked ideas too of course, different point of view in some things too.. somehow when I am with him I am in chaos but I like it.
Its exciting to always encounter his blocked mind in several side of him. I feel like I met a thousand sides of rubic cube in him.

I’ve never suceeded learning him as a person.

And I think I never will 🤣 but it does not mean I give up.

Hey you know what
I learn that learning about you does not always need understanding. I just need to accept you the way you are. In whatever situation you are, you mean a lot to me.

Your high emotions, your sarcastic response (sometimes), your super logic train of thoughts, your cold side, your not-type-and-chat-person but lets have a call instead, your lets-try-to-count-it-first, your funny reasons on how you don’t like receiving gifts, your “btw” signature whenever you wanna say something serious, your super kind hearted intention to anyone you met, your super caring act.. all about you..

Yes, every single thing about you..
I don’t always need to understand the "why?"
I don’t always need to understand the "what for?"
I don’t always need to understand all of that..
I just wanna learn to accept it as you.
You. As a person I always adore.
As a person I always love to talk to.
As a person I always wish to know more.

You know what, I will never be tired of you.
So, show me more..
Show me more about your dark night sky
Show me more about your warm days
Show me more about your funny friends or toy that you love so much
Show me more about yourself.
Yes I will never feel tired to study more about you.
Good night my universe.



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Clarina Tiara Agneta

Clarina Tiara Agneta

Life is happen that way because you are built for it!