My Last Piece of Puzzle

Clarina Tiara Agneta
3 min readMay 6


Have you ever felt like you are in this life point where everything seems scheduled already, like you just walk through it everyday like a robot?

Those nights how I was just trying to survive balancing my working life with my personal life, days felt so long and heavy. Hoping that everything went well, but something was still missing inside of me.

Like you are playing a puzzle, but you don’t know the position of your last piece of puzzle. Yes, something was missing inside of me.

Those days when I did not know how to be grateful for the sun burning my skin. How peaceful it is to smell the wet soil when it is raining. I didn’t understand how beautiful someone could be in their badass mode.

That scheduled life made me forget, how my life is still rotating.

I forgot that the stars and forests are breathing around me. Which was bigger than anything compared to my routines life.

I forgot that it is all connected, that I forgot I am just a human anyway.

Until I met you.

You make my world upside down, like a mess, but beautiful.

You came and randomized my puzzle pieces. Its all like a mess now.

But, hey!

You build it again for me. From the very first piece..

So, let me write about you. Once.

So that I won’t forget..

I won’t forget that I met someone who jumbled all my puzzle pieces.

Someone who fill my nights with a stupid smile on my face.

Someone who brought me to beautiful places, enjoying moments, and send me to a very nice dream whenever he holds me in his arms.

Popping up in your life was not my choice to make. I thought it was a mistake before. I kept on looking for a reason to prove that I am right, you were just joking around and playing.

Turns out I was wrong. It was never a mistake I made.

The more I learn about you, the more I found out that you were not joking.

Although sometimes I still found a mixed signal from you to me, at the end of the day you can always reassure me that you are sure about me.

About choosing me. About staying with me.

I know, loving me is not easy.

Those little dramas, fights, and bad days where you put tears on my face.

Those bad words I got that hurt me and disappoint me.

I know I could never forget those hurting nights.

Dear my man, I wonder if you will ever understand how much you mean to me?

Although maybe you don’t love me that much, maybe its my fault.

I love you too much, that you feel so much in burden.

I am sorry. I’ll try to adjust.

I love you, but sometimes I feel like I need to let you go.

You know people say, that you will know how much someone really mean to you when they left you..

If that is the right thing to do to make each other realize the feelings we have to each other, do you think it is worth to try?

Dear my last piece of puzzle, if you are the right piece for my picture, although you are far away from me, I know you will always find your way back home to the right picture you belong to.

I believe so.



Clarina Tiara Agneta

Life is happen that way because you are built for it!