Clarina Tiara Agneta
2 min readAug 27, 2022

Someone that I really love once told me that:

“How important a person in your life can never be felt by others but yourself. Only you know he or she is important and impactful in your life. Simply because you are you, and others can’t be you.”

Today I just heard that I am just part of a mistakes that a person made.

This person I consider as an impactful person in my life. I was angry, disappointed. Of course. Can you imagine how I feel when I heard that?

The more I think about it, the more I understand things that I learned. Yes, he never know how impactful he is in my life, simply because he is not me.

So, he never know how hurtful it is for me to receive such words..

Again I learn to accept how he sees me, I am okay now. He just don’t know. He would never know and understand how important he is in my life.

One day, when he come back to me, maybe I’ll say this..

Hey, I am sorry. I don’t wanna be another part of your mistakes.

I am so tired of it.

Meeting me was a mistake. Loving me was a mistake.

Making me fall in love with you was a mistake.

Talking to me was a mistake. Taking care of each other was a mistake.

Relying on me was a mistake. Having fun with me was a mistake.

Choosing me was a mistake.

Even if you come back saying its serious, I know one day you’ll only see me as part of your mistakes. Again and again..

Now I know. You never love me, you never did. And I guess you never will.
So, let me go now.

I choose myself everyday, learning to learn my worth. And I only want to be chosen by someone because he really loves me. The same way on why I have always choose myself. I wanted to be loved sometimes.

If you choose me just for another mistakes that you’re gonna have.

Don’t ever choose me anymore.

I am sorry. I am tired of becoming your mistakes only.
Now please let go of me.
Let us go.
You are gonna be fine without me.

You who are like wind passing by me

Take a break and look at me

All these days can’t be eternal

Because of that, I prayed to the setting moon for time to stop

Hope I can go to that world that is only for us

And say the words I didn’t say before

You will leave me but I hope my love reaches you

Tonight, when everyone else is asleep, come to me

And say you love me in the most pretty voice

Me who just waits and always makes you cry

Accept me..

In different worlds, under the same sky

We look at the same star together

Under each other’s night sky

Hope I can go to that world that is only for us

And say the words I didn’t say before

Let us go now.. let us go..