Dear my baymax, this one is for you..

How are you doing?

Are you okay? Still crying sometimes?

You know what? I thought I was getting better

I honestly did, but sometimes I spend 1 hour crying in the bathroom

Lay in bed at 3 am trying to figure out what is wrong with me

How am I gonna get over this?

Dear my baymax, aren’t you miss the old days?

Tell me how am I gonna get through all this loneliness..

All that I see, all that I hear always reminds me of you.

Aren’t you feeling lonely too after all?

Dear my baymax, whenever I try to close my eyes and sleep I see your face.

I can still feel your arms around me sometimes.

I can still feel your big hands rub my hair or

Your tender kiss on my cheek before I fall asleep.

Whenever I open my eyes and see things around me,

you are there too..

Both closing or opening my eyes I see you there.

I really hate sleeping pills, but sometimes I need it lately.

Dear my baymax, what have you been thinking lately?

Are your toys making you happy?

Are you going somewhere alone and wondering where am I sometimes?

Honestly, I cannot use my logic too lately.

I wish you knew how hard it is for me to let you go

I wish my feeling was gone

Dear my baymax,

I miss you. Please, call me sometimes.

Today, I dream of you coming to my place and knock my door.

I woke up and I open the door

No one was there

I close the door and start crying.

Again and again, it goes that way whenever I try to sleep.

I think I am choosing not to sleep tonight.

I am tired of having dreams, crying, and wishing..

Dear my baymax,

Do you know that I love you?

I am sorry. Maybe I am not the one.

I am sorry I hurt you too sometimes.

I regret the days I hated you and choose to not replying your text

Days when I choose to not answering your call or not to call you first

I know it is stupid to write down all of this here.

Dear baymax,

I wish you are happy. I love you.

I miss you.



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Clarina Tiara Agneta

Clarina Tiara Agneta

Life is happen that way because you are built for it!