Every Moment in Life Always Have Its Greatest Timing

Clarina Tiara Agneta
4 min readApr 14, 2021

What is great about being single? Many people wants to get out from their singleness period, most of the reasons are because they are lonely.

Well, after 2 months of my single-come-back, I admit, its true that being single is more lonely. As a person with protagonist personality, I always see things from 2 sides. All I could say is that each season, single or dating, has its point to reach their greatest timing. What I mean by that is:

There are things that we can only enjoy doing it while we are still single. There are things that we can only enjoy doing it while we are in relationship or dating period. There are also things that we can only enjoy doing it while we are finally become a married couple.

In short, there will always come the greatest timing in every phase of our life. Either you are single or dating now, enjoy and embrace it whatever it takes, cause one day that greatest timing will come. For sure.

Talking about feeling lonely when you are single, there is one simple sentence from a book I read lately entitled “Not Yet Married” by Marshall Segal. It is written that love is always looking for you first, the instructions are clear that we are asked to be full, not empty, not lonely to be loved.

What happen? I do not feel full at all, I feel uncomplete, I feel like I need to find my other half. There is nothing in this world that can make you feel complete and full. Not even a handsome prince with his white horse and his noble steed. This is the problem, our head is full of fairytale and too much about love in a storybooks. We are living in a dreamy love story expectation which is totally collide with the reality.

Sometimes the root from feeling lonely is simply because you cannot even believe that you are worthy to be loved.

“We simply cannot imagine being truly, deeply, and consistently loved.” — taken from the book Not Yet Married by Marshall Segal.

How could you even start loving someone if you cannot even believe you are worthy to be loved first? If you ever start doubting yourself like this, take time to reflect and if you are reading this, I remind you now — Just being you is enough, you are worthy to be loved.

Do you know that single is the best moment in your life to explore yourself? Being single means you are free to try and do whatever you want. Find the best skincare for yourself, there is nothing wrong with treating yourself better. Buy the book you have always wanted to read. Meet your idol! Save your money and have a great adventure travel the world by yourself. Go hiking and camping with your friends, find your limitations! Face your greatest fear, try everything you ever think you might cannot do it.

Dear all single women, please.. Instead of looking for your handsome prince, wake up your wildest dreams! Be crazy about yourself.

The same greatest timing can also only happen to those who are in your dating season. Flirting, longing for each other, being spoiled — you name it! There is no other feelings that can replace those moment in life when you are shy to admit your own feeling to someone you do not know, if he will feel the same way with you or not.

Those nerve when you are going to those night and romantic dates. The feelings of you are treated as a princess whenever you are with him. That feeling of choosing your outfit to go on a date. If you are in these life moment now, and reading this, please.. enjoy and embrace it while you are still can.

Those moments of being in such a sweet and lovely relationships. That princess — like feeling will soon be end at the end of this season. Cause you will either bored and suddenly sway to other feelings, or on the other hand improve to the next level, marriage.

When you are married, you will have different situation, considerations, and other logic thingy. This is the transition when you finally be more mature in relationship. That moment you will finally understand that your love thingy season has ended.

Marriage life comes together with the pressure for taking your life more seriously. Where we got our dead-end jobs and got bills to pay. I still don’t know what to say about the best moment in marriage life, cause I am not yet married. Oops.

Well, tonight sharing is about the greatest timing we always have in life, in every season we must enjoy it. Be satisfied with yourself, but never close the space to improve. Always, always find joy in everything you do!

Thanks for those who still read my work anyway. Have a great night everyone!