Don’t Love Me

Clarina Tiara Agneta
2 min readJan 15


“Don’t love me”, he said.

That moment I was startled, I did not have guts to say a word

“But, why? I love you.”

“Love is hard. When someone love you, you have to give the same effort to show that you love him or her back. And that’s suck.”


Days come and go, she keeps loving him the way she can..

Sometimes he likes it, sometimes he seems bothered.

Although it was not easy to keep doing things..

She learn his favorite way, she learn his boundaries..

She learn how to make him comfortable..

On the other day, she only think..

He never know that love is free, maybe he never get someone who loves him truly without ulterior motives.

It was hard for her, but she keeps on believing..

“Yesterday, I wasn’t enough.. Sometimes life can be so tough
With all your loved ones hurting you
What about faith?
Doesn’t it conquer?
Does it gives you strength and hope to carry on?
Well, don’t you worry
I”ll be fine someday”

What is life without heartache
Every downfall builds and teaches us some new things everyday
Now this is faith!
It does conquer and you’ll find the strength and hope to carry on

Now she is standing up in front of the mirror talking to herself:

“I think the idea is that you can hear..the silence..

Although I love you in silence sometimes..

I keep asking my self for million times..

Are you good enough?

Will you find your way to show him the real definition of love?

And lately I have found I am speaking back, to my self.

Yes, I am. I am good enough.

And yes, I will find my way.”

So, stop saying “don’t love me”

One day you’ll know that my hope and faith will conquer this all

I have found the strength and hope to carry on.

To keep choosing you, to love you.

And as you know, love is not based on feelings.

It is based on decision, and therefore I have chosen to love you

So, here I am saying that yes

I choose you no matter what. I love you no matter what.

I do love you.



Clarina Tiara Agneta

Life is happen that way because you are built for it!