Call? Don’t call????

Can you relate?

Is it weird if you want to call someone just because you wanna know how important you are for that person?

Is it weird when it hurts when you miss someone?

There are days when I can actually stand by myself.

There are also days when I feel like I wish somebody would hold me.

Yes, I just feel lonely sometimes.

I wish there will be someone who really wanna know about my day.

I wish sometimes I can share my silly little things I did in my day with somebody.

About how my morning coffee was spilled.

About how I got into wrong place before I found the right place,

About how hard it is just to fill up my water bottle because there is no water left in my new job venue.

“Any funny story today?”, or just simply, “Are you okay?”

There are days I cannot rely on myself, alone.

And even if someone just call me randomly to ask about my day right now, maybe I’ll spend 10 minutes crying on that call before I answer the questions.

So, call? or don’t call?



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Clarina Tiara Agneta

Clarina Tiara Agneta

Life is happen that way because you are built for it!