Autumn Leaf

Clarina Tiara Agneta
2 min readJan 27, 2024


The wind blow harder, and all I see is my shoelace..

The rain feels warm on my face..

Cause all I have is tears down on my cheeks and face..

Its the time.. For what??

The words grow sharper..

The hearts felt colder..

When will you grow older?, he asked me.

Its the time.. For what??

The loneliness cuts deep..

The heartbreaks twist down that makes me creep..

Oh how am I gonna stop this?

Its the time.. For what??

Autumn comes, when the wind blows

When the rain force you to enjoy running in it

When the leaf change colors

When the leaf falls down to the ground

When all you see is yourself on the ground

Its you. You are the problem!

Why are you still green?, said the tree

But I.. I don’t know why, I just don’t understand

Its autumn, ever leaf must turn red

Well maybe I am little bit late to change

Maybe I am the last leaf that change color

Maybe I should have grow older, must I?

Maybe I am late to follow the season..

This is the season of autumn..

You have to fell down, change your color

In order to grow something new

Growing is hard, it takes time to let go

To embrace that your color change time pass by

Don’t be afraid, dear.

Don’t be angry, don’t stop the process..

You are the autumn leaves.

Change color, grow weary and older, and then

Fell down to the ground

To embrace a new things grow for something better.

Yes, you are an autumn leaf.